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Scandinavian center of marketing and business communications by Mila JENSEN assists of Danish companies / also for companies from Eastern Europe / in the establishment and development of direct business contacts.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of international business consulting for Danish companies and individual entrepreneurs, leading (or wishing to implement) business in Eastern Europe: Belarus, Russia. Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia:
  • assist Danish companies in doing business in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, including checking the reliability of potential partners;
  • provide organizational and legal support of Danish companies in the countries of Eastern Europe; 
  • provide the necessary business information;
  • provide assistance for business meetings, negotiations with - companies- potential partners from Danmark and East European ;
  • provide market research on demand, preparation and implementation of specific transactions and joint projects; 
  • provide assist of cooperation of the Eastern European and Danish companies in the field of information and communication, energy-saving, medical, biological and agricultural technologies. 
  • we are - the organizers of international business forums and business missions on specific sectors of the economy with the participation of entrepreneurs as in Denmark so in Eastern European countries for exchange experiences, establish business contacts and looking for potential partners. 
Our goal: to become your business partner and help you to successfully implement new, previously unused opportunities. We are ready to provide support at all stages of development of your company. Our employees: are experienced professionals, focused on the successful solution of the tasks. Interested in long-term cooperation.
We speak: english, danish, russian, belarussian, ukranian.

If you want to start a dialogue with the Centrer of marketing and business communications by Mila Jensen, give us a call or drop us an email.

Background information about Mila Jensen
Mila Jensen, marketer, business consultant, an expert in the field of marketing communications. Experience 17 years. Positions held in different periods: advertising manager and PR, online marketing manager , director of internal communications and PR, director of marketing and development. Founder of own companies: 1998, 2005, 2010
Author of numerous articles published in professional journals about marketing and management in Russia and Belarus, "Marketing: ideas and technologies", "On Advertising", "Director", on 
specialized Internet resources.

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